Sparkling Wine VILLA UA

Spаrkling wine Collection

TM VILLA UA is a natural Ukrainian wine of European quality, which has won the hearts of many consumers. Yet, we do not rest on our oars and move on. We continue developing traditions and are glad to present to you a line of our sparkling wines under the same brand name.

Absolute professionals of their craft are engaged in its production technology; therefore this sparkling wine has high quality and unsurpassed taste. Each bottle from this product line can complement your holiday with bright and kind emotions, can make an important meeting easy and successful, and an exciting rendezvous more romantic. The wine has a unique and interesting aroma that makes you enjoy every sip of this refined and multi-faceted drink. Any admirer will note that the tint of its taste is changing gradually. It is almost impossible to guess for sure which notes of the aroma will appear with the next sip. Mysterious, rich and incredibly tasty.

VILLA UA Sparkling wine Collection is a mandatory witness of your victories and the most joyful moments of life.

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