Natural wines TM LUIGI ANTONIO of cold bottling are made according to traditional recipes of Italian wine production. Having studied the secrets and multiplied them by the experience of new generations, Luigi Antonio decided to please all wine connoisseurs with a wonderful product. The worthy quality obtained due to the tireless control over the production technology. The generosity and cheerfulness inherent in Italian winemakers. It invites you to enjoy the world-famous traditional taste of wines from the heart of Italy.

The ancient practice of the master, who mixes varieties and wines to achieve a complex and comprehensive wine, is back in business.

My desire is to make a great wine with a legend. There are many factors and they are complex, but I try…

My mission is to read the territory and get a product that expresses the best… When the consumer closes his eyes, he travels a long and pleasant way that combines the wine and the emotions.

My mission is always to try to achieve what they call the maximum, and I call it respect for my roots.

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