GREENDAY is a brave, creative brand. It always follows the trends and the best choice for consumers. Our Strength is in Freedom! Freedom to be yourself!

To choose your own way! We are strong because of our freedom.

GREENDAY is an environmentally friendly new generation vodka for those who enjoy life. GREENDAY production technology is certified according to international environmental standards ISO 14024. It is adopted in 56 countries. Its production has no harmful impact on the environment. The vodka contains only natural ingredients. So, it is absolutely safe for the human body.

The absence of a hangover syndrome in case of moderate consumption is one of the unique features of GREENDAY. The content of aldehydes and fusel oils is 2.5 times lower than approved in DSTU! For customers, this means a good feeling after consumption. With GREENDAY vodka, the evening will be pleasant and the morning will be good!

The water used in the production of GREENDAY vodka is identical in its mineral composition and taste to natural spring water. And most importantly – it is delicious water!

At the beginning spring water passes through layers of gravel and sand. It provides a natural filtration. Due to this purification system, the water does not lose its healing properties. It has a clean memory and does not change its structure.

The filtration of GREENDAY vodka is called natural for a reason: the Eco Technology™ complex allows us to repeat the purification processes that exist in wildlife.

High-quality alcohol of “Lux” class and pure water give vitality and fill the vodka with rich and soft taste.


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