In Italy, the balance between work and leisure is weakening in favor of the second one. Indeed, Rome is the most relaxed and happiest metropolis. It looks like a resort by the blue sea with its beautiful long sunny and lazy days.

The casually pleasant mood is enhanced by the weather. It is usually sunny and there is delicious food. In the city there are many open terraces and patios. The people of Rome are the most hospitable of Italians.

The streets and alleys of Rome are a testament to a 2500 year old era, filled with sculpture, architecture and many ancient treasures. Just walk under the sun, enjoying the visual feast, take your time, make a stop on your way, admire, enjoy your free time. Do everything like the Romans, with a measured approach to life, as they say “piano-piano”.

Wines of TM VIAGGIO inspired by history, beauty and Italian character. It is an opportunity to touch the beauty, feel the mood and spirit of the eternal city. Made according to traditional Italian technology, delicate and relaxed. They have a special character. Such as notes of currants, nuts, bright aroma of violets or extraordinary black fruits.

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