Orange FOX BAY

Semi-sweet white grape wine

“Orange Fox Bay” wine results from a combination of unique production technology and the winemaker’s talent.

We’ve taken the best Muscat has to offer and kept it that way. The blend is based on the most famous Muscat Ottonel, Muscat Amber, and a little White Muscat. The grapes used in the production of the novelty are grown in compliance with the requirements for preserving the terroir characteristics. Specially bred and improved strains of wine yeast are used in the process of maceration and fermentation to reveal and protect characteristic muscat aromas.

Rkatsiteli grapes are added to the “Orange Fox Bay” muscat blend to enhance the balance of taste.

0.75 litres
9.5-13 % by volume
3.0-8.0 % by weight
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