Grape semi-sweet wine white

Lightweight, floral wine with moderate sourness. Opens in a glass with notes of peach, apricot, grapefruit. The taste is delicate, fresh, delicate. Aftertaste is harmonious and soft. Gastronomically combines the principle of “like to a similar”. Excellent keeping the company of chicken, turkey, rabbit, duck with sour-sweet sauce.

Delicate sweetness of the wine is thrown by the fire of curry and other spicy Chinese and Thai dishes. It is interesting to emphasize the taste of ham, chicken and grilled sausages, to spice up the pleasant taste of cheesecake and apple pies. Universal cheese combinations are soft varieties: emmental, brie, camembert, cedar.

0.75 litres
9.0-13.0 % by volume
3.0-8.0 % by weight
The serving temperature is
8-10 °C
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